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PAGB Competition Results     
GB Cup  -  PDIs     Beaumaris and Menai Bridge CC scored 110
                                winners were Rolls Royce Derby PS.
GB Cup for Small Clubs - PDIs Mold CC came 8th out of 40 clubs with a score of 114, Conwy CC 15th with 112;
winners were Tamworth PC with 125.
 Linda Bell (Mold CC) was awarded a Bronze Medal for her image "PS: I Love You".
 GB Cup for Nature - PDIs    Mold CC came 44th out of 86 clubs with a score of 115, Conwy CC 81st with 99;
winners were Rolls Royce Derby PS with 141.
GB Trophy - Prints Conwy CC came 9th out of 15 clubs with a score of 138;
winners were Chorley PS with 172.
GB Trophy for Nature - Prints Conwy CC came 11th out of 13 clubs with a score of 85; winners were Rolls Royce Derby PS with 114.



Southampton International  Salon    c/d   9 ~February
This UK-based International closes on Sunday 9 February. Patronage is from FIAP, PSA and GPU (for those aiming for any of those Distinctions).
Print Sections are: Colour - Mono - Nature (up to 4 images in each). Prints may be mounted (50 x 40 cm) or unmounted.
PDI Sections are: Open (Colour & Mono) - Nature - Landscape (up to 4 images in each). Sizes are 1600 x 1200 max. Cost is £11 for first Section, £3 per Section thereafter - Prints: check website It's probably safest to assume that the closing time is midnight in the UK rather than Pago Pago or wherever. Printed A4 colour catalogue Good luck. http://southamptoninternationalexhibition.co.uk/Default.aspx

Photo2020   c/d    29 February
Cheltenham International Salon   c/d  1 April

Landscape Photographer of the Year  c/d  5 April



It would be possible for North Wales to organise a workshop for anyone contemplating entering for the Awards.
Please contact Phil Chadwick if you are interested:   chadwick284@btinternet.com



The Exhibition will be organised this year by the Conwy Camera Club.
and the Selection Day is set for Saturday 27th June and will take place
at the Llandudno Bay Hotel.

Full information regarding entry details, categories, etc. will be

available shortly


A Personal Approach to Landscape Photography
A talk by Glyn Davies his flyer can be downloaded here Glyn davies talk 2020




Messsage from John Smith, Organiser of the NWPA PRINT BATTLE

Postponement of the NWPA Print Battle

You may have felt that things had gone somewhat quiet with a lack of any information regarding the NWPA Print Battle scheduled to take place on the 4th April.

It was felt that, as there was no requirement for anyone to meet until the actual competition day, we should not immediately cancel the event but continue with arranging things and watch to see how things developed in what has turned out to be a rapidly developing situation

As free dates and venues later in the year are likely to be at a premium, it was also felt that rather than just send out a cancellation notice, we should actually make plans to try and run it later in the year.

These are now in place and, if it is safe to do so, the competition will be held at Craig y Don on Sunday the 6th September commencing at 2pm.

This was the time and date that the NWPA were scheduled to hold their Autumn Executive Committee meeting.  In consultation with the NWPA President and Officers, this meeting is now to take place at 10.15am on Sunday 6th September.

This has the advantage that your Club Delegate can hand in your entry before the start of the meeting therefore allowing you and all your club members to come along for the 2pm start.

The venue has kindly agreed to the change of date for the Battle and a change of time for the EC meeting.

Our Judge, Mike McNamee, has confirmed that he is available; the competition team are available and hopefully so will the Llandudno members and all the other people who had kindly volunteered to help with the running of the competition.

The only thing that is unknown is whether the PAGB will allow us to be six days late in nominating our two clubs to enter their Club Print Championships which are due to take place at the end of October - the closing date for this notification being the 31st August.

Please keep safe and hopefully, if things can go ahead, I will be in touch later in the year,



New dates for The Photography Show and The Video Show 2020

11 March 2020 – Having postponed this year’s event earlier this week, the organisers of The Photography Show & The Video Show are pleased to announce that the event will now run from 19-22 September 2020 at the NEC, Birmingham. 
The UK’s leading photography and moving image event, which attracts both professional and aspiring photographers and filmmakers, will retain all of its planned feature areas, including the new Analogue Spotlight and Shutter Street, as well as its sought after Super Stage, Photo Live, Drone Zone x Action Arena and Behind the Lens features. 
Speaking about the announcement, Jonny Sullens, Head of Events at Future, said: “We were incredibly disappointed to postpone this year’s event so close to it opening. However, the vast majority of the comments we have received from visitors, exhibitors and speakers prove that it was the right decision given the circumstances. 
“We have been working closely with the NEC over the last few days and are delighted to be able to confirm the new show dates so quickly. We thank the venue for its support, and everyone associated with the show for their patience during this unprecedented, difficult time. 
“Our aim is to ensure the UK photography and filmmaking communities do not lose this event for another year. We know how much value is placed on the educational aspects of the event, as well as the opportunity to get hands on with the latest equipment, and it’s important that we give visitors a chance to do that in 2020.” 
In light of this news, discussions around the timing of the 2021 events are on-going and dates will be announced in due course. 
All existing tickets for the 2020 events will be transferred to the new dates, and more information regarding refunds can be found on the event website: https://www.photographyshow.com/




Last Saturday, 29th February, the Irish Photographic Federation held their
Distinctions Assessment Day in Portlaoise.    This was a well-organised and well-attended
day and we saw very interesting panels at all three levels.

I am delighted to report that Iona O’Neill was awarded her Licentiate
and Ian O’Neill was awarded his Fellowship.
Many congratulations to both of them.

     Iona LIPF.jpg         Ian FIPF.jpg


Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have rescheduled the talk by Ian Munro from Saturday 18th April to Sunday 13th September 2020.

More and more people are getting increasingly concerned about the real or perceived potential risks of attending events, gatherings and the like.     We want to exert due diligence towards our Society members and members of the public, and we want attendees at our events to feel safe and comfortable. 
Our committee also has the responsibility of safeguarding the region’s finances.   A low attendance will result in a considerable financial loss. 
That’s why I have made the decision to postpone Ian Munro’s talk until autumn. 
Looking ahead: at the moment we’re planning to go ahead with the opening event of the Documentary Photographer of the Year 2019 exhibition on 22nd May. 
We’re monitoring the situation and I will keep you appraised about implications on further regional RPS events. 






This UK-based International closes on Wednesday 1 April.
Patronage is from FIAP, PSA and GPU (for those looking for Distinctions).
COVID-19: FIAP and PSA have agreed that this Salon may proceed with remote judging.
5 PDI sections: Colour - Mono - Nature - Creative - Travel
1920 x 1200 x 5MB maximum
1 section £9, 2 £12, 3 £15, 4 £18, 5 £21
Within each section they have medals for different subjects which may influence your choice of images: either choose images that aim for Medals or avoid those subjects to gain Acceptances by being different to the other entries.
A4 catalogue
Good luck.


Only Mono Battle
Cymru Monochrome regret that, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, they have
cancelled  ‘Only Mono 2020’ which was due to take place on May 16th at
St Paul's Centre, Port Talbot.
The proposed date for 2021 is 15th May 2021. The judge is booked already for the
new date, but the venue has not yet confirmed.



Only Mono Battle
Cymru Monochrome regret that, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, they have
cancelled  ‘Only Mono 2020’ which was due to take place on May 16th at
St Paul's Centre, Port Talbot.
The proposed date for 2021 is 15th May 2021. The judge is booked already for the
new date, but the venue has not yet confirmed.




Here's something that you had possibly already set aside to investigate on a rainy day or being snowed in (or even an unimagined lockdown) but never actually got round to:

 Firmware in your camera.  What is Firmware? Firmware is a camera's basic Software  and coding, which the camera maker installs at the time of manufacture.

The software  is stored internally in your camera's non-removable memory, and its settings persist  even when you turn your camera off. It's the heart of your camera, controlling all its functions from the various features to essentials such as autofocus and image processing.   But every now and then a manufacturer may issue a Firmware Update to either correct a problem or to offer improved or new facilities.   And so it is important to keep your Firmware up-to-date.  

 Where will you find out whether your  Firmware  needs updating?   In your camera's menu, in something like Setup you will find  "Firmware Version".   make a note of the number which will be in the format "1.2.0".

Then compare it with the number you will find on the Manufacturer's website. If they're the same you don't need to do anything.   If there is a difference you may implement the Update.  Manufacturers always list the changes introduced by each  Firmware Version so you can decide whether it's worth doing or not.

 How do you do it?  Google with something like "Canon M5 firmware update" and that will lead you to the manufacturer's website.     Download the Update and  follow the instructions; the important thing is to always ensure that you perform  the Update with a fully charged battery.  

If you own Olympus (and probably  others too) there is an app you install on your computer. You just then plug in your camera and it pretty much all happens for you.

                                                                    Helpful hints from:  Andy Polakowski




Photographic Society of America Worldwide

A message from the PSA Exhibition Services Vice president, Brian Magor and the PSA Executive Vice President, J.R. Schnelzer 
You will all appreciate that we are faced with a grave situation world-wide with the COVID 19 virus pandemic. The essential message is that we follow the health advice of our various governments, keep safe, and always think of the welfare of others. 
For the immediate future, the issues of photographic exhibitions recognized by PSA, is of lesser importance, than the common good for our members, Clearly, those exhibitions that are judged live by panels, meeting together, cannot and should not continue. PSA's position is that it would not be ethical to expose judges to potential exposure to COVID 19 virus. Exhibitions may be able to convert to on-line judging, and PSA stands ready to assist when possible. Those exhibitions that cannot, may have to postpone their judging's or cancel them. Public showings of exhibitions are now clearly out of the question, on-line galleries will replace the need for public showings, and are acceptable from the PSA stand point. Both PSA and FIAP have recognized the severity of the situation and have relaxed rules for exhibitions. Hopefully, exhibitions will make clear on their websites what course of action they are taking. Entrants should consult these websites to find out what decisions are being made. It may be months before the picture becomes clearer and some exhibitions may have to be held over until next year.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


Mold Camera club has sent out their club newsletter for our perusal...to view it click here