BPE Exhibitions - LAST CALLS


Guernsey BPE

This BPE Salon closes on Saturday 19 October, entry by post only (CD or memory stick), hence the better-then-normal advance notice. Acceptances count towards the BPEx* Distinctions.

4 PDI Sections: Open Mono - Open Colour - Portrait Mono - Portrait Colour

JPGs only, 1600 x 1200; if the image size is smaller than this it must be padded out to 1600 x 1200 with black (use Canvas in Photoshop for instance). Check the file-naming requirements.

Cost is £5.00 per Section, include a cheque with your entry.

Quirk Alert: actually this one is SuperQuirky what with the postal entry, a cheque, padding out and file-naming but its individual quirk is that there is only one Judge so there are no scores, you're either In or Out. The Judge on this occasion is Chris Palmer FRPS DPAGB APAGB EFIAP.

Despite all the Quirks this is a good one to enter. Why? Well, all these impediments are likely to discourage potential entrants; less determined photographers than those in North Wales will see it as too much trouble, so why not make the effort and give it a go.

The postage rate to Guernsey is the norrmal UK rate and postal Salons usually give a few days latitude on the Closing Date to allow for the vagaries of postal delivery.

Follow the Rules and don't forget to Finalise your CD - if in doubt test its Readability on another computer.